Muriel Provence
Needle & Thread. De fil en aiguille
Special printed fabrics
Tablecloths 70" Round :                                     with round print
Tablecloths 62"x98" Rectangle or oval :            with oval print
Tablecloth special sizes :                    with small squares print

Tablecloths Squares, Rounds, Ovals or Rectangles with
striped and all-over fabrics or with coated stripes GO TO:
Tablecloths stripes
Umbrella Hole add $7.00
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TABLECLOTH 70" ROUND and  70" SQUARE                           
ablecloth Round or Square 70"   $59.96  
Coated Round 70"        $69.96

C42    Cicadas blue
C42s  Cicadas blue square
C22    Cicadas blue coated

L43  Lavender yellow
L23  Lavender yellow coated

L25  Lavender white coated

L47    Lavender cream
L47s  Lavender cream square
L27    Lavender cream coated

LE41    Lemon red
LE41s  Lemon red square
LE21    Lemon red coated

LE44    Lemon green
LE44s  Lemon green square
LE24    Lemon green coated

LE48    Lemon orange
LE28s  Lemon orange square
LE28    Lemon orange coated
LE28s  Lemon orange square coated

LE42    Lemon blue
LE42s  Lemon blue square
LE22    Lemon blue coated
LE22s  Lemon blue  square coated

O41    Olives red                                                                                                             O47    Olives beige
O41s  Olives red square                                                                                              O47s  Olives beige

OB41   OlivesB red
OB41s OlivesB red square
OB41   OlivesB red coated
OB21s OlivesB red square coated

OB47   Oliveswhite
OB47s OlivesB white square

OB45   Olives beige
OB45s OlivesB beige square

P43    Poppies yellow
P43s  Poppies yellow square             
P23    Poppies yellow coated

                    W41    Wheat red                                                                                         RL46    Roses/Lavender  
                    W41s  Wheat red square                                                                          RL46s  Roses/Lavender square 
                                                                                                                                               RL26    Roses/Lavender coated

Tablecloth Oval or Rectangle   $78.84

N61  Fig red

O62  Olives blue

O63  Olives yellow

O67  Olives beige

P62 Poppies blue

OB61 OlivesB red

(sizes are approximate)

Square 51"              $36.36
52" x 68"                $48.46
52" x 86"                $60.36
52" x 103"              $72.96
52" x 121"               $85.36

C32  Cicadas blue
C31  Cicadas red
L33 Lavender yellow
L35 Lavender white
LE31  Lemon red
LE32  Lemon blue
LE34  Lemon green
O31 Olives red
O37 Olives beige
RL36 Roses/Lavender
OB31 OlivesB red
P35 Poppies beige

TABLECLOTH: 60" round, squares, ovals or rectangles with stripes
and all-over fabrics or coated stripes

Custom sizes also available:  measure your table and choose your drop. Price following size.
The maximum width is between 58" - 62" following the fabric.
Tablecloths stripes